Indian bookies bet on World Cup for India

On Saturday, a leading Mumbai bookie informed that about a conference between Delhi and Mumbai’s leading bookies at an Irani hotel in Delhi. Based on to the bookie, chances for India succeeding the ICC World Cup are seventy paisa as against SL Rs 1.25.

The possibility of both squads achieving the final becomes a price of Rs 3. Base on to bookies, Yuvi  is probably to appear as the man of the event. Yuvi becomes a price of Rs 3 and Shahid Afridi, a price of Rs 4. Tendulkar is 3rd most probably to succeed the honour, with his price at Rs 4.5. Malinga becomes a price of Rs 6 and his skipper Kumar Sangkkara, a price of Rs 7.5.

Bookies have appointed bedrooms in Mumbai and Delhi inns and will utilize laptop computers to work out of coffee houses and Irani hotels. According to them, a lot more than Rs 25,000 cr is going to be gamble on the final game.

Semi-final game between Pak vs India, bookies is going to be starting their price just on Sunday. A source said that India’s price is 60 paisa, as versus Pak’s Rs 1.50.

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