India vs Pakistan Match Got Fixed: Indian Media

India vs Pakistan Match got fixedAccording to Indian news sources, The 2nd semi final between India vs Pakistan match got fixed and India will loose this match to Pakistan. The statement from an authorized Indian Tax Officer claim that Bookies have booked this match involving Billions of Rupees on India winning the match and now they are trying to turn the table to earn the betting money.  The tax officer claim that he have very authentic news which came from his sources in underworld. It’s Likely being said that they match between India vs Pakistan has already being fixed. Dhoni 11 is gonna loose the match.

Some more detail shed some light on this issue that why Indian media is screaming about the Pre-Match fixing news. There are some strong signals that are being observed by the media about the India vs Pakistan Match got Fixed. A well known bookie  named “Sandeep Agarwal” from delhi was seen in Team India dressing room. He was sitting with the players in some last matches.

Pakistan’s Bowling side is very strong but Indian batting line strong as well, so we can say that both the teams are almost equal and its really very difficult to predict that who will be the winner between India vs Pakistan Semi Final. Bookies had declared India as favourite & its the best time for them to bag Billions of dollars from betting & match fixing.

We Think that Indian media is just increasing pressure on both the teams specially on India by accusing that this match is already fixed. Such accusation just build pressure and decrease Morals of the team. We can only wish that the players should play fairly without taking any additional pressure.

News Bit Video About India vs Pakistan Match Got Fixed


The news about India vs Pakistan match got fixed might be a rumor & we don’t take any responsibility about this news.

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  • Muhsin

    All match fixers will be thrown to hell.