Imran Khan confirms Butt’s claim in spot-fixing case

Ex- Pakistan cricket team skipper Imran Khan has verified that Salman Butt used to phone call him up from England to talk about ideas on the 2010 cricket tour.

Salman, who’s struggling with a trial on allegations of dishonest and corruption in London, told the court on Wednesday that he used to call up Imran to take tips from him.

“Yes, Salman called me up a few times from England a year ago to talk about cricket matters and tactics for the games. I remember advising him all the time that he must give top priority to getting Younis Khan into the squad,” Imran informed journalists.

Salman had told the jury that he was on the contact with Imran on the day and occasion when it is claimed that Pakistani agent and bookie given over 10,000 pounds in cash, concealed in a coat, to fast bowler Wahab Riaz outside a cafe in London.

Salman informed the jury he didn’t understand anything about the claimed cash deal since he was hectic speaking with Imran Khan at that moment.

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  • Ali

    I am in a bit of bother here, I am confused, how can a bookie books only the batsman to play a maiden over. A bowler can bowl a no ball or a wide ball.
    A bookie books something which he can book 100% right.
    A maiden over involves a batsman to block all balls and take no run .
    A maiden over also involves a bowler not to bowl a no ball or wide or not to bowl a bouncer twice.
    In a test match a bowler loves to experiment.
    That means it’s 50% from bowler and 50% batsman.
    Why would a bookie books something in which he not sure that would happen?
    Or did he book both, for 100% surety?