ICC may question tainted players

ICC performed its appropriate study to question the terminated cricketers of Pakistan , the deposed Asif, Aamir and ex- team skipper Salman Butt according to world press.

Discussing from the city of Qatar Doha, where he has been specially flown to cover the ICC courtroom proceedings,Ian Dovaston the SkyNews journalist,told,” International Cricket Council has picked the expert services of a cricket statistician to assume about the delivery of no-balls. The 1.5 million to one figure was introduced to the hearing by the ICC after it was being fixed by a statistician they have hired”.

The supposed offences happened during the 4th test match at Lord’s cricket ground . A ‘no-ball’ is an unlawful delivery when a bowler’s feet passes across the line. A run is granted to the opposition side and one more delivery should be bowled. Spot-fixing is much more difficult to find than match-fixing or stage shaving. Spot-fixing is several involved with the gambling areas of the Indian subcontinent where bets can be placed on individual deliveries in a cricket match.

” It is a tiny such as guessing probability of successful the lottery, which can be related 6 figures out of 50. In summary, probabilities will be definitely huge, and probably 1.5 m to one is appropriate, but not understanding the ” identified time period” we are unable to say for specific”, the famous cricket statistician, Wilson, however was not hired by the International Cricket Council just for this activity, claims from United states.

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