ICC asks terminated trio’s lawyers to return proof

The ICC has asked the lawyers of the Pakistan cricketers terminated in the spot-fixing case to return proof that had been given to them during the appeal hearing held in Dubai last month.

The ICC is unsatisfied with information from the proof being leaked to tv channels in Pakistan; a top channel in recent times broadcast text messages apparently exchanged between Salman Butt, one of the suspended players, and Mazhar Majeed, the players’ agent who is at the centre of the scandal.

The request has been made to the lawful officials of Butt and Mohammad Amir, the two players who appealed against their suspensions; Amir is being represented by Shahid Karim, while Butt’s lawful team includes Khalid Ranjha and Aftab Gul, the former Test cricketer.

Aftab Gul had stepped down from the case in recent times, but is believed to be back. Mohammad Asif, also terminated, withdrew his appeal and the three are presently waiting to appear before an independent anti-corruption tribunal that will look into the real charges in Doha, Qatar from January 6-11.

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