Hot Spot dropped from DRS for Ashes series after controversies in England

The Hot Spot infra-red camera technology utilized to help cricket umpires make decisions by finding edges won’t be used in the Ashes series beginning next month. Channel Nine dropped the technology, which uses heat readings to examine whether there has been contact between the ball and the bat or batsman’s pads, due to issues over its cost and reliability.

Hot Spot

“It’s their decision and that’s what’s been communicated to us,” Hot Spot’s designer Warren Brennan was cited as saying by the Herald. “As far as I’m concerned, it is final. We’re just moving on with things. Channel Nine have got a new deal with Cricket Australia which I know has cost them a lot more money. I gather there had to be some restructuring of costs.”

Hot Spot’s absence limits TV umpires to using ball-tracking application, audio proof from stump microphones and slow-motion replays when England or Australia review an on-field umpire’s decision during the five-match Ashes, which begins November 21 in Brisbane.

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