Forbes rates Indian skipper MS Dhoni as 5th most financially valuable athlete on world

Indian skipper MS Dhoni is the 5th most financially valuable athlete on world, as per Forbes Magazine. Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Phil Mickelson and Maria Sharapova succeed MS Dhoni, who is valued at 21 million dollars, in Forbes` list.

MS Dhoni

Roger Federer and American golfer Tiger Woods are tied at the 1st position valued at 46 million dollars each followed by Basketball player LeBron James, who is valued at 27 million dollars, in the 2nd place.Roger Federer and Tiger Woods acquired 46 million dollars each to their names in 2013 while MS Dhoni managed to bag 21 million dollars.

Federer holds a record 17 Grand Slam tennis titles, while Tiger Woods has won 14 major golf titles; next only to Jack Nicklaus`s record 18.

The top 5 most valuable athletes as per Forbes are:

1. Roger Federer (Tennis) and Tiger Woods (Golf): 46 million dollars each

2. LeBron James (Basketball): 27 million dollars

3. Phil Mickelson (Golf): 25 million dollars

4. Maria Sharapova (Tennis): 23 million dollars

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Cricket): 21 million dollars

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