Ex- skipper Azharuddin faces warrant in cheque bouncing case

AzharuddinA Delhi court yesterday released non-bailable warrant against ex- Indian skipper Mohammed Azharuddin for not appearing in court on the day of final judgment in a cheque-bounce lawsuit, a lawyer mentioned.

Metropolitan Magistrate released non-bailable warrant against ex- Indian skipper, whose counsel Firoj Khan Ghazi claimed that he was busy campaigning in Uttar Pradesh for the on-going assembly elections. As per complainant Sanjay Solanki, he assisted Azhar in an agreement to buy a house in Bandra in Mumbai for Rs.1.5 crore. According to the deal to sell and buy, Azhar agreed to pay double the total amount of the first sum of Rs.1.5 crore if the agreement fell through because of his failure to comply with the terms and conditions.

When the agreement didn’t mature because of Azhar’s laxity, he rejected to pay double the total amount of the first sum, the complainant’s lawyer Gurvinder Singh Talwar claimed. Azharuddin given 2 cheques of sum Rs.1.5 crore twice to the complainant, which were dishonoured. Azharuddin during the framing of charge claimed innocence and informed the court that he didn’t know the complainant privately and met him for the first occasion in court. He added that he made the amount to the individual who had set the deal as the agreement, carrying the MP’s Delhi address, was made by another individual. “That particular person informed me that he had paid the money to Solanki,” Azhar informed the court July 21, 2011.

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