ECP refuses to conduct elections for PCB chairman

The Election Commission of Pakistan has expressed its inability to conduct the election of the PCB Chairman on the pretext that it doesn’t have the mandate to do so.


“The PCB authorities contacted us on this issue in the light of the decision of the Islamabad High Court but we have expressed our inability,” sources informed. They said the PCB, after the suggestions of the High Court, contacted the ECP for conducting the PCB Chairman election and also sent the copy of the decision of the court.

“We can’t conduct the election of the PCB Chairman as it is not our mandate. This what the ECP told the PCB,” sources added. They said the ECP would’ve the same request with the court if its opinion were sought on the matter.

A spokesperson for the PCB confirmed that they’d sent a request to the ECP to hold the election in which elected presidents of the regional and district bodies besides the associates of the divisions connected to the PCB would decide the new Chairman after the court stopped the then Chairman, Muhammad Zaka Ashraf, from working terming his election “dubious.”

The spokesperson said the ECP was of the view that if it performed the election of the PCB Chairman then it would set a fresh precedent and then onwards the ECP would be under obligation to hold elections of different bodies who’d be seeking relief from the courts.



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