Cricket Board washes hands off on Aamir issue

PCB has rejected to give any assistance to fast bowler Mohammad Aamir, whose 5 yr suspend for engagement in spot-fixing could be adjusted by the ICC after he apparently broken the conditions of his suspension by turning up in a club match in Britain.”PCB”s lack of interest  to get engaged in the matter now, even if the ICC increased Aamir”s suspend, was because a year ago when the ICC particular task force was formed on PCB, one of the terms and conditions set forth to the PCB was that it would never display assistance of any type for tainted cricketers,” a source disclosed.

ECB, which along with the ICC is analyzing the issue, has currently ruled that the worried game between Addington and St Lukes in a Surrey division one league fixture was a identified one.
The ECB has reported that the Surrey League is associated to it, which makes it formal cricket, even if it’s at the lower end of the beginner match.Aamir has said his purity insisting that he didn”t understand he was breaking his suspension conditions by participating in what he imagined was only a “friendly town game”.

PCB had composed to it’s English counterpart when the matter first came up. And the ECB reported it would get back after finishing its inspections, but so far it has not delivered anything,” the source explained.PCB views the entire event as a direct issue between Aamir and the ICC and ECB,” he disclosed.”The scenario was not great for Aamir as several months back the ICC had informed the quick bowler after it was claimed that he participated in a friendly match in Rawalpindi,” he added.

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