Controversial commercial terming Pak cricketers match-fixers removed

commercialA New Zealand brewery firm has removed a controversial commercial campaign, which shown fast bowler Daryl Tuffey taking a dig at Pakistan players over match-fixing scams, following furious responses from the PCB and the Pak community.

The Moa Brewing Co. had released the commercial campaign, featuring Tuffey, where he says that Pakistani cricketers are match fixers and while New Zealand succeed matches, the Pakistanis take home cash cheques.

The commercial drew powerful criticism from the Pakistani community in NA with Dunedin-based Ex- Test cricketer and coach Khalid Ibadullah terming the advertising campaign as “quite insulting and quite offensive”. Khalid Ibadullah also drew the focus of the PCB to the campaign, which responded really solidly to it and made a decision to look into the issue.

A PCB spokesperson says that the commercial has been removed now after the issue was taken up with the firm.The firm had earlier protected the ad mentioning that Pakistan cricket has been hit hard by match fixing claims and that 3 of its leading cricketers — were in fact suspended by the ICC for spot-fixing a year ago.

The PCB official had says while it was correct that the 3 cricketers were suspended for spot-fixing but that didn`t give the firm the right to cast slurs on Pakistan cricket.

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