Bangladeshi cricket supporters face ban for waving rivals’ flags

The Bangladesh Cricket Board on yesterday banned local supporters from carrying and flying national flags of opponent sides in the ICC World T20 that is in progress. The order came after an uproar was seen over images of several local fans waving Pakistani flags during the Asia Cup last week.


A BCB official mentioned the board had released an instruction after it “noticed that some local fans were flying foreign flags flouting the country’s flag rules”. He more added that the BCB had ordered security officers and guards to ensure Bangladesh fans didn’t carry or fly flags of foreign countries in the stadiums.

Meanwhile, the ICC has taken a quick action seeking clarification from the BCB and claiming ignorance of the ‘flag law’ in the country. An ICC spokesman said, “A cricket fan cannot be stopped for being deprived of their rights to express loyalty for any team. Restricting audience from supporting another team is completely a wrong move”.

The controversial decision has been severly criticised by supporters and cricket experts as well dubbing it ‘anti-sportsmanship’.

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