Aussie Opener Phillip Hughes hit in pub incident

Phillip HughesAussie opener Phillip Hughes was punched by a unknown person in a fight at a city hotel, press reports says on Thursday. As per a witness, Hughes, who spent the day at the Bowraville Races before coming to the hotel, was found in a dust-up with yet another customer on Monday evening after the 2 guys exchanged a few heated sentences.

“They were then mixed up in a fight about 7pm before the unknown guy, who’s not been identified, was escorted from the property by nightclub security,” a report claimed. Hughes manager insisted that Phillip wasn’t the instigator of the altercation.”Phillip was with a massive group of family and friends and they were contacted by yet another man who had had a bit to drink and was giving (Phillip) a few lip,” Phillip says.

“The guy who hit Phil wasn`t with his team at all. He just came at Phillip and hit him for whatever motive and he was later escorted from the building,” Phillip Hughes` manager says.The report added that Hughes lost his t-shirt in the  fight and went home to put on a alternative before going back to the hotel to carry on drinking.

Phillip Hughes wasn’t escorted from the hotel. He returned after changing his tshirt and stayed on until it closed just after 9 pm,” manager says.

The incident wasn’t reported to police.

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