Aamir lying to revive career: Zulfiqar Butt

The father of cricketer Salman Butt on yesterday accused fast bowler M Aamir of wrongly pinning all the fault on his boy in order to restore his career.

Aamir, in his initial interview since being released from a Uk jail, this week charged Salman Butt of trapping him into the spot-fixing scandal at the Lord’s Test against England in August 2010.

Salman Butt and fast bower M. Asif are serving penalties of 30 and 12 months respectively, after a English court in November identified the trio responsible for corruption and getting illegal money.

The allegations were related to planned no-balls bowled by Asif and Aamir, but apparently contrived by Butt in connection with agent Mazhar Majeed, also sentenced for 32 months.

The 3 cricketers were also banned by the ICC for a minimum of 5 years each.

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