8 bookies arrested for threatening Zulqarnain Haider

Zulqarnain HaiderA team of 8 bookies, apparently associated in threatening ex- wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider, was caught here in Sialkot on Wednesday, law enforcement explained.The town police also restored a massive cache of ammunition, phone sets and some other suspect items from the suspects. SP Investigation, Nasir Qureshi, explained that the suspects were running from a building based in the Sambrial part of the city where they’d made secret sites invisible behind wooden cabinets.

Law enforcement also restored around 250 phone sets, satellite transmission devices, cell phones and data of betting during various cricket games, Qureshi included. As per the authorities, the caught sports books belong to the team charged with terrifying Zulqarnain.SP explained that that the many of the caught people were locals of Sialkot and details being picked up about them.The id cards of a few caught males have been taken, which and NADRA will be approached for their verification,” he further explained.

Law enforcement official mentioned that after disclosures from charged the authorities has increased the range of the investigating procedure.He explained during the examination, the bookies also threatened the authorities and explained that they’ve connections in quite high areas.As per the police, global calling were being made from the phones that were being utilized by the bookies.The authorities mentioned that the examination was still underway, and several significant reports are anticipated to be made.

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