67 Kashmiri students suspended in India for ‘supporting Pakistan’ in cricket

On yesterday, nearly 67 students of among the Meerut University were suspended for cheering and supporting Pakistan side during the Asia Cup cricket match between India and Pakistan. The incident took place in Swami Vivekanand Subharti University after India was beaten by Pakistan on the last over of the match.


A few of the Kashmiri students celebrated the victory of Pakistan by raising slogans in its favor in the community hall of the hostel. After that, the fight erupted among the students which which more indulged in to stone-throwing on each other. The students made ruckus in the campus and sabotaged hostel building while shouting pro-Pakistan slogans. The suspended students were taken to Ghaziabad by the police officers.

A few of them have come back to Jammu and Kashmir.  All 67 Kashmiri students involved in the clashes were suspended instantly and were told to depart the hostel block whereas no action was taken against the other group of students.

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