‘Zanjeer’ makers receive legal notice from Prince Tuli

Ever since it was formally announced, Ram Charan’s film Zanjeer has been facing several legal issues. First, original writers Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar demanded compensation regarding copyrights. Then Prakash Mehra’s sons had an issue with remakes rights.

Zanjeer remake

Now, a legal notice has been issued by business person Prince Tuli and his partner Amit Mehra, who were earlier to be the partners on Zanjeer along with Mehra’s other sons Sumeet and Puneet. Tuli has served a notice to the production company of Reliance and director Apoorva Lakhia demanding damages against a bike that belonged to him which has been used in one of the songs.

The notice mentioned, motorbike that belongs to Prince Tuli was borrowed by Lakhia as a friendly gesture. But, it was later used in the song Mumbai Ke Hero without his permission. Now, Tuli is asking for damages in this regard from the makers and Lakhia, both of who’ve been served a notice. Let’s see how the producers reply to this.

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