Will Saif Ali Khan lose his Padma Shri award due to hotel brawl?

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan could lose his Padma Shri award due to his 2012 fight at a plush restaurant in 2012. As per a report in Times of India, an RTI case registered by activist S C Agrawal had called for the removal of Saif Ali Khan’s Padma Shri as a court had presented charges against him in the case.


The report adds that the government has responded to the issue and the home ministry told Agrawal that ‘the matter is under examination’. While this does not mean that Saif Ali Khan is set to lose his Padma Shri award, the fact that the authorities has considered the issue shows that perhaps they see some merit in the application. The application was submitted in March this year. In 2012, Saif Ali Khan with his friends Shakeel Ladak and Bilal Amrohi were arrested for attacking South-African NRI business person, Iqbal Sharma who also dining at the same hotel in Mumbai.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor had gone there, and when the business person asked Saif Ali Khan and company to keep their voices down, things turned ugly. Iqbal Sharma claimed that Saif Ali Khan had physically attacked him. Iqbal Sharma also ended up with a bloodied nose and then reported the issue to the Colaba police station. Saif Ali Khan was later detained and was released by the police on bail after being charged with attacking Iqbal Sharma.

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