Will Ranbir Propose His Girlfriend Katrina On His Birthday?

There were rumours about Ranbir Kapoor and Katria’s relationship has been revolving the highlights. Ranbir might just let go of his single status on his birthday. Looks like RK is planning to go down on one knee to propose his alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif.


The signs have been out there for a while for everyone to see. Ranbir took Kat out shopping a few days ago for some expensive baubles. But instead of diamond ring, it apparently was just a pair of exquisite earrings.

“A lot of hearts are set to break on Ranbir’s birthday. But looks like the man has made up his mind.” said a source.

Previously, there were reports that RK’s parents were not entirely happy with their son’s choice (girlfriend). But looks like all’s well on that end too because of what we know of Ranbir Kapoor, he is too good a boy to go against his parents’ wish.

Katrina‘s spokesperson rubbishes the rumours and states; “This is not possible because on Ranbir’s birthday, he is going to be promoting his film Besharam and so he will be travelling.”

Now it depends upon the time, whether Ranbir propose his long-time girl or not.

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