When Shahrukh Khan got free cab ride

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan fan following in Germany is not news; however, his getting a free cab ride in Berlin does ring a bell. Yes, Shahrukh Khan’s huge fame landed him having a cab ride free of cost. SRK along with Priyanka Chopra is presently shooting the sequel of Don in Berlin, Germany. It has become a norm for Shahrukh to wave and give autographs to his fans as she moves in and out of his hotel.

As far as free cab ride story is concerned, the sources exposed that the actor once after wrapping up the shoot around 4:30 am decided to go to a coffee shop and preferred to hire a cab rather than his own car. As soon as he reached his destination, the cab driver refused to take a single penny as he recognized SRK and requested for a picture with him instead.

The cab driver claimed his daughter to be supporter of Shahrukh. Thus, he was more than happy to please his daughter instead of earning some bucks.

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