When Richa Chadda Suspiciously Detained at Delhi Airport

Actress Richa Chadda was recently stopped and interrogated at the airport here on her way back to Mumbai as the security and airport officials found something suspicious in her luggage, according to reports.


It turned out that the ‘powder’ they found suspicious was part of the Ayurveda beauty and skincare products that Richa uses.

The actress, who believes in the power of Ayurveda, has been following the traditional method of beauty and skincare for over the last 6 months.

Richa follows the Ayurveda ritual on daily basis, and that means the powder is carried even when she is travelling.

It turned out to be problematic this one time as the security officials thought that the powder was not what the actress was claiming it to be. A source close to Richa claimed that she was questioned for nearly 2 hours before she was allowed to go.

Confirming the incident, Richa said; “I am a big believer in Ayurveda and was recently carrying my Ayurvedic supplements to Mumbai. However, the security found the powders suspicious. I didn’t want them to confiscate my Ayurvedic products because they are tough to procure and are made for me personally by the ved.

I had to literally convince them for two hours that it’s nothing wrong or suspicious at all. I know they are doing their job and hence I was more than willing to co-operate. Thankfully I didn’t miss my flight,” he added.

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