When Police Found a Bullet In Rakul Preet’s Bag at Airport

Bollywood actress Rakul Preet, who made her debut with Divya Khosla Kumar’s directorial “Yaariyan”, was detained by the CISF at Delhi’s domestic airport on Saturday after she was found carrying a bullet in her bag.


During the security check, Rakul was informed that a suspicious metallic object has been found in her laptop bag. On checking the bag, the officials found a bullet in it. After that, Rakul was asked to step aside and was then grilled for about four hours by the cops.

The officials later told the actress that it was an 8mm bullet, which is not even made in India. On this, the actress became so scared that she brought into tears and called up her father. Her father arrived at the airport and made a conversation with the security officials.

Later, the actress recalled that the bullet was used in one of her Tamil films, for which she had shot almost 8 months back. She said she had kept it as a souvenir.

The police examined the bullet and declared it a fake one. They then allowed the actress to leave.

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