When Akshay Kumar rescued a woman’s life in real

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is really a real-world hero as he had presently turned out to be a life saver to a woman. DNA reports disclose that a woman known as Nina Elavia Jaipuria could have got electrocuted if Akshay hadn’t been there.

Eye witnesses says DNA, “Though it took place in a minute, we understand what got averted. We’d lit up the stage and instantly we’re informed that one of the power circuits was malfunctioning.

Unluckily, by that moment both Akshay and Nina had gone on stage and had started chatting. Mending the circuit would indicate that the plan had to be ended mid-way.” “We grabbed the video and noticed that Akshay grabbed her just in the nick of moment as she was tripping and falling down. He later made it seem as if he’s hugging her on stage after he’d averted the drop.

The circuit was repaired quickly, but it was a key incident that was prevented that day,” the source added. Akshay Kumar had attempted a lot to keep this episode underwrap but the eye witnesses couldn’t halt applauding for his actual life action.

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