Vivek will not apologise to Salman Khan any more

It was one error that cost him his work and his social currency in B-town. And Vivek Oberoi, with a slew of higher price ventures eventually in his kitty, is just about getting back from it.

When he took on Salman Khan at a media conference in 2003, discussing the claimed SMSes and the harassment over his ex- girlfriend, Vivek really didn’t understand how it would haunt him for the entire of his life.

Over the yrs Vivek Oberoi has continuously attempted to make peace with Salman. At open public functions he’d also contacted him with folded hands – the very photo of regret and apology. Yet, Salman hadn’t been changed.

And now Mirror has easily learnt, that at a family dinner at the Oberois’ residence, it’s decided that there would be no more sorry to Salman Khan from Vivek. An eye-witness present at the dinner exposed to this diarist that the family has had its share of discomfort. “Vivek is not going to apologise to Salman only to be cold shouldered or stressed by him,” says the visitor at the dinner.

When we tried contacting Vivek we’re informed by his buddy, “This is correct. Vivek will not apologise to Salman Khan anymore. He’s done it several occasions in the past. Enough is enough. This far and no more.”

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