Vidya Balan gained 12 Kgs weight for ‘The Dirty Picture’

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan’s film The Dirty Picture, directed by Milan Luthria which launched on this week, has currently received thumbs up from Bollywood. Every person is bowled over by the bold movie. Not only Vidya Balan’s dazzling portrayal of Silk has grabbed the focus but also Vidya Balan’s extra weight has been a subject of discussion. Putting rest to this subject Vidya Balan verified that she did actually gained 12 kilos to look her roles part.

“Yes, I put on 12 kilos for this film because this lady belongs to the South movie industry and the actresses were generally healthful out there. So, I’d to put on bodyweight. In the beginning, I was a little concerned and I didn’t want to gain so many weight, but then I knew that if I don’t do it, I wouldn’t be doing justice to the character. So, then I went ahead and put on 12 kgs,” she said to a top daily.Vidya Balan also says that she not only had to put on weight for the character but also has to prepare herself psychologically to a role as bold as brazen as Silk.

“It’s a very strong and brazen role. Silk is a lady who wants to make the most of every occasion in her life and that was something I’d to imbibe in me. So, there’s no other kind of planning, it’s more of psychological planning.It was just mental planning and nothing else,” says the actress.

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