Varun Dhawan turns down selfie with fan

When actors are on shoots, it’s sometimes a little overwhelming for them when fans are around seeking to get a glimpse of them. Recently, an encounter that Varun Dhawan had irritated one of his young fans.

Varun Dhawan

It’s thought that Varun Dhawan was filming for ‘Badlapur’ when a young fan approached him. The fan asked for Varun Dhawan to pose for a selfie with him. However, The actor reportedly turned down to do so. He was forced to rethink when the young boy started crying. A source disclosed that although Varun Dhawan then agreed to the picture, he didn’t look very happy.

Varun Dhawan’s friend responded to later that the actor was being careful that the picture would be leaked on social websites and give away his look in the movie.

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