Unpleasant remarks make SRK quit Twitter

In a latest interview on a Television show, Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan exposed about why he’s been avoiding Twitter despite having submitted routine twitter posts for some time. In his tweets, actor utilized to disclose plenty of private times, from the photos of his family members to his concerns at movie shoots. But he is been told a number of queries on Twitter that basically uncomfortable him.

“As an actor and as a public figure, I often find individuals who look into my attention and ask me uncomfortable queries at media conferences. However, I do not have any choice other than setting up a cheerful face and responding to the queries even if I’m angry or upset. It’s been going on since 2 decades and it developed even during my relationships on Twitter. But I’m socially inept, I’m not sure how to deal with associations and am not really great at managing with this kind of queries and therefore I realized it would be ideal to stop,” Shahrukh exposed in the interview.

One particular unpleasant comment was developed by a individual who says that Shahrukh shows up on Twitter just to advertise his movies. “There were remarks that ‘Oh he just comes on Twitter when he needs to advertise his movies ‘ . Well with all of due regard to everybody, I desire to mention that eight to ten lakh don’t create a movie success,” Actor correctly explained.

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