Today’s Big Release – Satya 2

Ram Gopal Varma’s underworld drama film Satya 2 is releasing today. The film is starring Puneet Singh, Aradhana Gupta and Anaika Soti. Puneet, named in the film is Satya, arrives in Mumbai with a mission to reinvent the underworld.


Varma has reportedly said that Satya 2 is not a sequel to the 1998 film thriller film Satya. He says that the film is about a unique kind of underworld, which different from what it looked in the 90s. it will be Varma’s last underworld film.

Satya 2’s music has been composed by Amar Mohile and Kary Arora. Its promotional track has been inspired by the theme song of The Godfather.

Hollywood’s Thor: The Dark World is too releasing today which is directed by Alan Taylor and it is a sequel to both Thor and The Avengers of 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Thor: The Dark World is starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston. The film is produced by Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

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