Sylvester Stallone joins Bigg Boss 4?

Bollywood celebs on the Tv screens is a very common sight but how about screening Hollywood celebs on your Indian Televisions? ‘Bigg Boss 4’ is attempting tough to attract the eye balls of the Hollywood viewers to its reality show. Earlier Pamela Anderson who entered the ‘Bigg Boss 4’ house for three days as a guest and now it can be the Rambo, Sylvester Stallone.

Surprised? Well, according to the sources close to the show, ‘Bigg Boss’ is planning to get Stallone on the show.The Hollywood celeb, who has already made a special appearance in the Akshay Kumar’s movie might be seen on Colors reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4’. Since, Stallone is very popular in India, the TRP ratings of the show will surely soar high on his entry. But will Stallone agree to the offer is the question that still stands strong.

However, if he agrees to the offer one can wonder what amount will he quote to enter the house after Pamela Anderson charging an amount of 2.5 crores for her short stay in the Bigg house.

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