‘Student of the Year’ collects Rs. 25.25 Crs in 3 Days

Student of the Year launched last week, and made a huge  Rs. 9.25 crs at the local box office on it’s 1st day. Student of the year is performing very well at the box office. The weekend of the movie shows it. The movie had small jumps in collections over the weekend.

Saturday was 8.5 crs and Sunday Came a little better at 9.25 crs nett. This makes the total weekend collections around 25.25 crs nett, which is indeed a good amount. Student of the Year is performing well in the foreign too. There were significant rise in collections in the UAE and USA over the weekend. The total weekend foreign collections of the movie are around 5 crs nett.

The Monday collections will determine the future of the movie. It should be good as there were leaps till Sunday which means, drop on Monday will be lesser than normal.

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