SRK threatened to postpone ‘Ra.One’ launch

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, who’s hectic advertising his forthcoming film Ra.One, has discovered that he face severe trouble and problems following the launch date of his forthcoming venture Ra.One since there’s been issues between the actor and a film producer.

Shahrukh’s object claims that he has been getting indirect terrifying from a popular film producer (name not pointed out) to push his film’s launch date. “I won’t name this specific known producer and director. He, I remember, contacted me and was really upset. He really informed me to delay my movie as it would ruin his movie at the box office,” says Shahrukh.

But, Shahrukh looks to pay least focus to the producer’s desire. “All I says is that if you want me to push my movie all you’ve to do is tell me. There’s no need to get upset. I don’t like or dislike this guy, I simply don’t consider him at all,” adds SRK.

The Bollywood celebrities and film producers nowadays have been really selective and watchful in picking up a ideal launch time since the film’s fortune relies on it. Several Bollywood celebs also report that one should be ‘lucky’ to get the launch on an beneficial day.

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