SRK needs Ganguly in IPL

Ex- captain Sourav Ganguly who directed SRK’s team KKR in the past 3 edition wasn’t bought from the latest IPL bidding process. Fans all over highly criticized the bidding for overlooking Ex- captain.

Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, and Bollywood actor SRK revealed that there’s no IPL squad workable in Kolkata with out Sourav.”I would love it. I would love Ganguly to be a vital part. You don’t have a side in Kolkata without him,” Actor quoted as stating. SRK included that he will talk to Ex- captain and also his side and would try his level better to take him since he remains unsold in the recently held IPL bidding.

Ex- captain who led Kolkata Knight Riders the past 3 times failed to get purchasers in the current IPL players’ auction located in Bangalore.

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