Sonu Sood out of Dabangg sequel

Sonu SoodActor Sonu Sood is out of Dabangg sequel, produced and directed by Arbaaz Khan, and featuring Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha Vinod Khanna and Arbaaz. Dabangg 2 also made room for villain Prakash Raj.

After the script narration took place on October 21, Sonu Sood  has apparently quit. So what actually occurred here? And this has been still kept a mystery. As per a source from the storytelling department, Sonu was meant to be in the sequel in the part of the ‘main’ villain . His scenes authorized him a opportunity to showcase his 6 pack abs and fight with Salman Khan in the end of this film. But he’d undoubtedly have reduced screen period because Prakash was being launched as a comedian villain, shades that his personal role Cheddi Singh showed in the first.

Our source adds, once the narration was completed, Sonu and Arbaaz hugged and shook hands. All seemed properly but we hear that the film’s first baddie was not one bit kicked about sharing space with the Wanted and Singham villain. Sonu and Arbaaz have currently been having talks on this topic even till the moment we go to press. However Sonu who’s been the only villain in Dabangg, in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu is definitely not in preference to having his personal character diluted.

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