Sonu Sood Finds An Apartment For Prabhudheva

Prabhudheva recently turned displaced, when he came back the flat that he was renting to Sridevi, who’s the owner of the house however, his friend Sonu Sood came to his rescue and seen a pad for the filmmaker.

Sridevi’s bungalow recently caught fire and on being aware of the accident, Prabhu came back Sridevi her flat, which he had been renting for the past few years. However, this left Prabhu without a roof in Mumbai and when his good friend Sonu came to know of his problem, he instantly started house hunting for him.

Reportedly, Sonu Sood asked among his friends to lend his four-bedroom flat in Andheri to the director. Sources report that Sonu went himself to look into the apartment and only when he felt that it would suit Prabhu did he inform him about it.

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