Sonam Kapoor irked with her film director

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is supposedly irked along with her film director’s method of working. The present schedule of Mausam, which going on Thursday, will get just 3 days from Sonam as opposed to the early plans.

A source from the team told, “film director has not been an easy manager to work with. There have been occasions when Actress was called on the film sets for 4-5 clips, and she ended up movie take shots probably only one part, or, occasionally, no scene at all. This got actress actually livid.”

Film maker responded, “Sonam’s schedules as required. She had provided us with her times previously she went for a vacation. A friend of actress said, “Sonam in the beginning gave her dates in bulk for several weeks together. But her days were unnecessarily getting lost with her barely shooting one scene each day or absolutely no scene.

She also Abbas Mastan’s film Players and Anees Bazmee’s film Thank You. Now she has organised her schedules and is giving a very narrow window of two-three days to film director.

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