Sonam dating Punit Malhotra?

Actress Sonam Kapoor is apparently secretly dating director Punit Malhotra.”Sonam is not single; she is dating Punit.” a source told, according to the source, Sonam and Punit have chosen to keep their connection very low profile.

They don’t meet publicly, except in the company of friends, but Sonam has confided to a close circle of friends that she is dating Punit.

Sonam and Punit were before connected during the production of ‘I Hate Love Stories’ early in 2010. The two denied they were in a association, but appeared so smitten with each other on set, publicly chastised Punit over Twitter and told him to focus on the movie.

Punit’s maternal uncle, Manish Malhotra, too was reported to be not happy with the relationship then.

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