Sonakshi Sinha upset with award functions over ‘Lootera’ being snubbed

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is not very happy at the reception her movie Lootera and her character got at the numerous award events, in terms of nominations in award functions. Apparently, ‘Lootera’ didn’t have much to show in terms of the box-office statistics.


At the recent Life Ok Screen Awards, Sonakshi Sinha was left angry with the fact that the rest of the film cast and crew weren’t given the due credit at the function. She tweeted – “Disheartening how Lootera has been held back from most of the nominations this year! Dint they call it a masterpiece/poetry in motion/world class/technically superior film when it’s released?”

Well, the viewers definitely love Sonakshi and her progress in the Hindi film industry.

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