Sohail Khan Unsure About ‘Mental’ in 3D

Sohail Khan

Speculation were abuzz that Salman Khan upcoming film ‘Mental’ will be made in 3D. But if director Sohail Khan is to be believed, the reports appear early and misguided. “We are shooting the film in 2D. Some technicians in our crew have suggested that we do some 3D portions. First, let me complete my film in the normal format. Then I’ll take a call,” said Sohail.

A source near to the venture said that right now, the unit’s main concern is to complete the movie for launch on January 24. “Salman wanted to do a film in 3D for the longest time. In fact, when Sohail was making ‘Sher Khan’ instead of ‘Mental’, the plan was to make a big spectacular epic in 3D. But ‘Sher Khan’ didn’t happen. “Salman is now interested in converting parts of ‘Mental’ to 3D. But this is on condition that the process doesn’t dent the new release date,” the source added.

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