Siddharth and Deepika’s strategy out

Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya fresh love-birds too seem to be in no mood to discuss their association in media anytime soon. Recently, Siddharth and Deepika were seen together at the premier of ‘KHJJS’. Mallya Junior escorted Deepika’s parents to their car and by the look of it parents have accepted the latest man in Deepika’s life.

But what verifies the speculations of them going around is Siddharth’s reluctance to sit in Deepika’s car in the presence of press. He was waiting for the cameramen to diverse so that he could speedily jump in to the seat next to her and zoom off.

But he had to give in when media rejected to leave the sight of him and he got in to Deepika’s car in the entire view of media.

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