Shruti Haasan reveals that the stalker never approached her for a job

Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan, who was attacked by a stalker in her residence, cleared all the matter and told that the stalker never approached her for a job and unlike he claim that he visited Shruti’s residence to seek a job for his younger brother.

shruti hassan

The stalker is currently in jail. The actress hopes the Mumbai police would take the better and appropriate step regarding the matter.

Shruti filed an FIR against the stalker after she answered the doorbell on November 19 and the stalker tried to barge into the residence. However, the stalker claimed that he didn’t intend to scare Shruti.

“In all the time this man was on the set, he never approached me or my staff for a job. If he had approached us for a job we would have dealt with it appropriately,” said the 27-year-old actress.

“But as a single woman living alone in Mumbai, I take serious offence to someone coming to my house and trying to barge through my door. I trust the Mumbai police will know best how to deal with such an act,” she said, trusting Mumbai police’s appropriate decision.

Shruti’s mom Sarika concerned about the safety of her daughter and said; “Shruti is fine now. Unfortunately, lots of things are happening these days that should not. Obviously, I am worried for her, but then we have to learn to handle such situations. Not only are public figures like us vulnerable to such untoward incidents, other women too are equally at risk.”

“Well, she can’t stay with me because she has her career, she travels outdoors… once children grow up, and they want to be independent. Pallu se baandh ke toh nahi rakh sakte hain na! We always tell our children to be careful, but we can’t nag them about it,” said Sarika, who married the popular actor Kamaal Haasan.

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