Shoojit Sircar Feels Audience Will Definitely Appreciate Madras Cafe

The director of Madras Café Mr. Shoojit Sircar is confident that the audience will accept his upcoming film Madras Café as there is an intellectual section in it.


The film is set against the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Sircar said; “We can’t challenge the intelligence of our audiences. They want to see such films. They also want to see the 100 crore films, we want our film also to do that kind of business, but there is a section which we can’t ignore who want to see good films

Sircar gives the example of his previous films like Vicky Donor which based on a taboo subject like sperm donation. He feels that if the audience can accept such films then they will surely accept political thriller movie Madras Café.

I never thought Vicky Donor will become such a cult. It is a very serious film for me. You laughed but I didn’t try to make anyone laugh. I dealt with a subject I thought no one would want to watch. We talk about infertility or sperm donor in our bedrooms,” he added.

Then things like falling in love with a divorcee, Punjabis abusing Bengalis and vice versa, I thought people will get angry with me for making such a film. But the audience accepted such a taboo topic” he said.

No one could have also thought that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will drink alcohol together, but they were and people enjoyed and many old ladies called me up and were happy. It was a sensitive subject and if the audience can accept that, then they are ready to see this film also” further added by Shoojit.

The film features Nargis Fakhri and John Abraham and is set to release on August 23 in Hindi and Tamil.

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