Shilpa Shetty’s spa issue exposed

Bollywood actress when Shilpa began her spa venture a while ago, it appeared like the perfect company for the actress. Who much better than the actress to get folks to pamper themselves along with her name brand? But now it appears like her business is going through a setback. Actress’s spa office in Lokhandwala place has shut down a few months ago and the main spa venue in the Khar locality will also be closing quickly as well.

Buzz is that the spas might turn off completely, but the actress herself says that there’s been an issue with increasing rental prices and that she is on the lookout for new company space. So there’s likely to be no closing down of the spas, only a alter of venue. actress also preparing a lot of fresh elements once the spas move, so we’ll be on the search for that as well.

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