‘Sher Khan’ most expensive film ever, overtakes ‘R.One’

Salman and Sohail Khan’s ambitious project Sher Khan looks to be all set to outdo Shahrukh Khan’s much talked about launch of last year- Ra.One. Salman looks very keen on defeating SRK again by ensuring that Sher Khan‘s visual effects are wonderful enough for people to forget SRK’s debacle of sorts, Ra.One.

While, the film’s story has undergone a few desired changes to make it near perfect, rumour has it that the film’s graphic and action effects alone will cost the Khans, around Rs 100 Crs, making it the most costly film ever in Bollywood. Reportedly, SRK’s Ra.One’s special effects were done for Rs 40 crs, thanks to the fact that the cost reduced, when SRK’s in house people worked on the venture, but that is not the case with Salman Khan’s film.

And, guess Salman Khan is so sure about defeating Ra.One that he does not quite care about the money that is being spent on all this.

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