Shatrughan Sinha misfires, calls Rani Mukherji as Rani Chopra

Even as Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra have kept the rumor mills guessing about their connection, veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha addressed the actress as “Rani Chopra” at an event.

While calling out the names of the members of the family of Yash Chopra, Sinha said, “Pamela Chopra, Uday, Rani and other members of the family… just now my wife said I missed out on Aditya Chopra. Rani Chopra ka naam liya hai toh zahir see baat hai Aditya Chopra ka naam bhi… (When I am taking Rani Chopra’s name, then it is obvious that I am taking Aditya Chopra’s name as well).”

Rani Mukherji, as per reports, covered her mouth in surprise. For a long period now, speculation have been rife that the 34-year-old actress shares a close relationship with Aditya Chopra, and the couple has already tied the knot in 2012 in a private ceremony but none of them have either formally affirmed their relationship, or their wedding.

Yash Chopra’s wife Pamela and younger son Uday were also present on the occasion.

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