Shakeel Ladakhi punched Sharma, not Saif

Shakeel LadakhiSo far the reports has been moving that Saif Ali Khan punched Iqbal Mir Sharma at the hotel clash that happened at Wasabi restaurant in Taj hotel on Tuesday night. But Sharma has now disclosed that it was Amrita Arora’s hubby Shakeel Ladakhi, who hit on his nose and let it bleeding at the unpleasant incident.

In an interview to an English daily, Iqbal Sharma, an executive chairman of ISSAR, and his father-in-law Dr Raman Patel said that they’re manhandled by Saif Ali Khan and his buddies during evening meal at Hotel Taj on Tuesday evening when they told him to keep it down. Speaking about the nightmarish episode, Iqbal Sharma adds that they complained to the hotel management 3 times about the noise being raised at the adjacent table. But they decided to move to the ground floor when the management didn’t take an action against them. When they were going away, Saif apparently walked up to them and started abusing them.

Saif Ali Khan and his buddies apparently beat Raman Patel when he attempted to intervene and protect his son-in-law. Patel, who presently went through a bypass operation for his lung issue, says that while they were getting out of the hotel a while later, one of Khan’s aides, Shakeel Ladakhi ran down and punched him and left him bleeding.

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