Shahrukh to Give Up Smoking After Ra.One Launch

ShahrukhShahrukh Khan, who’s hectic with advertising events of his movie Ra.One, has promised to do away with smoking after the launch of his flick. SRK says that his science-fiction flick talks about the ill-effects of tobacco.

Shahrukh Khan talked about giving up smoking at a advertising function in Mumbai. Actor said, “I wish to quit smoking and will soon do it. Even my daughter keeps on requesting me when I will quit it. I will quit the habit of smoking after Ra.One launches.”

Shahrukh said that Ra.One shows 10 evils in the world and cigarette smoking is also an evil, which affects the wellness of a person. Shahrukh added, “There is one scene in Ra.One, which talks about the ill-effects of tobacco, which is in the form of discussion between dad and son.”

However, this isn’t initially Shahrukh Khan is vowing to ditch his harmful practice. He’d even talked about it on various events including one on the ‘World No Tobacco Day. But all his previous efforts at quitting smoking cigarettes didn’t fructify. Now, it should be noticed whether Shahrukh would really attempt to give it up.

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