Shahrukh Khan Not Allowed To Enter Mumbai multiplexes!

Shahrukh Khan’s latest film Chennai Express, might be running successfully at all film halls across the city, but the success turned out to be a double-edged sword for the actor, when he wasn’t allowed to enter 2 multiplexes in the city because of security reasons.

Shahrukh Khan

A saddened Shahrukh Khan took to Twitter and said, “Have to avoid visiting PVR Phoenix Kurla and PVR Phoenix Lower Parel. Independence day rush etc. Will see you at rest of the enlisted theaters. Have been refrained by authorities from visiting PVR Phoenix Kurla and PVR Phoenix Lower Parel.. Will see you at the other enlisted theaters.”

Reports claim that SRK had sought approval to visit the cinemas from concerned authorities. Though they’d allowed him to check out the public reaction and had advertised his visit, the cinema owners changed their programs at the very last minute. The reason being that Shahrukh Khan is a crowd puller would appeal to many people.

With Independence Day and security issues looming on their minds, cinema owners considered that they lacked the manpower and resources to regulate this type of massive crowd. Hence, they made a decision to play safe.

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