Shahrukh Khan in lawful trouble for violating act

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s heritage bunglow Mannat yet again hits the head line since the actor has been accused for violating an act. Shahrukh Khan lands up in serious problems after he received a notice from Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management for redesigning his bungalow Mannat with no prior approval that led to breach of section 19 A of Environment Protection Act.

It isn’t initially Shahrukh Khan is dealing with lawful problems for his house. Earlier, he’d to face the same when a PIL was submitted by social activist Simpreet Singh, who had said that the building at the back of Mannat was unlawfully designed by SRK, as the land basically could accommodate 12 kitchens and 12 flats was designed for poor households. He was also charged of misconception the land to be liberal CRZ-II area, when it basically came under restrictive CRZ- I area. What compounded to the discomfort of CRZ was, when the community road was removed illegitimately for assisting building and misuse the open space.

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