Shahrukh Khan fined just Rs 100 for smoking in public

Shahrukh Khan, who drew criticism for smoking in the stadium and was asked to pay fines for his action, pleaded guilty and paid fine before the court on yesterday, August 1 to put an end to all legal hassle he’s faced so far.

A court earlier pronounced its judgment on an application registered against Shahrukh Khan claiming that the actor was “guilty” for smoking in the stadium. The court asked SRK to pay Rs 100 as fine. Right after the court’s ruling, Shahrukh’s lawyer said that his client was ready to pay the fine. Nodding to the  lawyer’s request, the court exempted the actor from individual appearance and allowed him to pay the sum through his lawyer.Quite interestingly, the sum of fine i.e. Rs 100 must be less than the price of his cigarette box.

Anand Singh, who runs a Cricket Academy – a private club, had registered the case against the court complaining about his act of smoking in stadium during an IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and KKR on Apr 8. The petitioner submitted the case against Shahrukh Khan under section 5 read with 11 of the Rajasthan Prohibition of Smoking Act, 2000, which prohibits smoking in public venues.

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  • Rafiullah

    shahrukh is king

  • Maya

    No matter smtymz a person is in anger… !!
    It often happens … !!
    He served India with lots of glory since last 20 years …. !!
    So he should not be claimed criminal in any case like this….