Shahrukh Khan fails on small screen

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan in recent times did a return on tv to host the Indian edition of very hit American Tv show “Total Wipeout”, and instead of connecting content material and a B-town public figure to keep the audiences entertained, the reailty show couldn’t appeal to plenty of TRPs, actually the viewer ship was the minimum in the record of Indian tv on the parameter of shows managed by B-town celebrities.

A comparatively vernacular Tv show Rakhi Ka Insaaf, being broadcast at the similar occasion as of SRK’s ZKJ, was in a position to get better TRPs, planning by the statistics, Rakhi Sawant’s show approved with 4.12 TVR and retained 3.04 through out, additionally in spite of extraordinary marketing and campaigns ZKJ opened with 2.6 TVR and dropped to as little as 1.4 TVR.

Well I don’t learn about people but the show was surely a ZKJ for the makers who paid Shahrukh Khan alone a huge Rs. 20 Cr for the reailty show.

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